1. any of you guys on minecraft?

    Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:14:59 UTC from web
    1. @musicbreeze I play Minecraft. Well, I used to. Until my good computer broke. I wasn't happy.

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:16:11 UTC from web
      1. @deathdancer that sucks! one time i got an awesome phone, once i got out of the store of whoch i had bought it, it fell out of my pocket and broke. :/

        Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:18:29 UTC from web
        1. @musicbreeze oh that sucks so much!

          Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:19:56 UTC from web
        2. @musicbreeze I keep my IPhone in a safe so it doesnt break. Well, not really, but I may as well.

          Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:20:39 UTC from web
    2. @musicbreeze I can be found there sometimes. I'm TheCanadianGamer there. Not on now as I'm lying in bed, but tomorrow maybe ^_^

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:17:25 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    3. @musicbreeze Oh I love minecraft! I played earlier this morning for like 3-4 hours on my hardcore mode game, lol. I love my doggy talents and timber mods so much. :3

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 05:18:53 UTC from web