1. Hello there.

    Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:01:08 UTC from web
    1. @hakupony Hi mate

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:02:31 UTC from web
    2. @greydragon412 Very good, thanks for asking. I was on a medieval marked and RP'ed afer that. If the day had more ponies, it would have been perfect :)

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:03:57 UTC from web
    3. @greydragon412 It is. of course, ou can buy stuff but there are medieval groups camping and lots of entertainment too. A magician, stage fighters and stuff. I camped on some not too long ago and practiced a bit of swordfighting, but I just don't find enough time lately.

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:07:55 UTC from web
    4. @greydragon412 Well, there are some videos about it but you mostly see them doing their techniques in a very schoolbokish way because only few people would risk a scar for a ood show, so most groups tone their show down. A lot. if you still are interested, i can provide Youtubes.

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:13:36 UTC from web
    5. @greydragon412 @greydragon412 Because people don't want to die or lose body parts. The weapons may be blunt but they can break bones by accident - I know someone who got his thumb split while wearing armoured gloves and by a blunt weapon. And just look at what stuff there is in the fighting books of the 16th century:

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:21:21 UTC from web
    6. @greydragon412 Most battles are like this. This was just to show how thoe things most likely really were used. I will look arount and tell you when I found an actual fight :)

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:29:36 UTC from web
    7. @greydragon412 These guys do the thing I did (and lost some blood to): is how far you get to realism, if you ask me

      Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:37:32 UTC from web
      1. @hakupony not very experienced, are they?

        Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:39:37 UTC from web
        1. @wafers They use shields in a duel. Those are useful in greater battles but for a Duel, they lack Flexibility and range. No turian would choose that :P A dole sword would be a typical duel weapon, but i just can't get any videos where the fighters don't hesitate to wrestle.

          Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:45:24 UTC from web
          1. @hakupony I just prefer mobility. When I fenced I loved all the versatility in movement and shields would ruin it. Ever try duel wielding Epee's in fencing? I wish they had a separate class just for that.

            Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:50:40 UTC from web
            1. @wafers Epees are something completely different since you have a whole other way of defending and a very different legwork. After a sparring, my hands always hurt from exhaustion because of the power of swords clashing (sometimes with sparks). If you want a really fast style, take a Seax and a buckler.

              Sunday, 15-Apr-12 22:57:40 UTC from web
              1. @hakupony I am always open to variations of swordplay but here in the good ol' US it is nearly impossible to find much different than fencing.

                Sunday, 15-Apr-12 23:00:32 UTC from web
                1. @wafers I too just bought some weapons from the Czech republic and starting ruining my hands with some friends - there are no real tournaments and very few clubs for exotic stuff like this.

                  Sunday, 15-Apr-12 23:03:10 UTC from web