1. Someone good with computers once told me that if they want to nail you, they will, it's just a matter of time. Anything you do will just slow them down and cherries them off. Easier just to show them the porn folder and get on wit your life.

    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:07:00 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
    1. @eaglehooves Wut if you don't have a porn folder and they think you do and tear up everything looking for it?

      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:08:25 UTC from web
      1. @macpony55 "don't have a porn folder?" I've spent enough time working on computers to know that [i]everyone[/i] has one.

        Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:09:53 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        1. @eaglehooves I don't have one.

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:10:09 UTC from web
          1. @minti That's because you have a server to hide stuff into!

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:10:47 UTC from web
            1. @nerthos Not on my server either, I honestly do not have one. :p

              Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:11:04 UTC from web
        2. @eaglehooves Well then, surprise, cause I don't :D

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:10:34 UTC from web
          1. @macpony55 @minti Well then... This is awkward.

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:11:25 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            1. @eaglehooves Your point?

              Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:12:27 UTC from web
              1. @macpony55 I don't care if the Fed finds Molestia.

                Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:18:13 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                1. @eaglehooves GO MOLESTIA!

                  Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:18:57 UTC from web
                  1. @macpony55 I should have attached her to my taxes. If the IRS wants to buck me figuratively...

                    Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:21:06 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    1. @eaglehooves Hehehe

                      Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:21:42 UTC from web
        3. @eaglehooves I have a friend who doesn't have a porn folder. The porn is lying around all his computer.

          Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:11:34 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos I serviced someone whose desktop was NSFW once. Not as fun as you would think.

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:13:03 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
            1. @eaglehooves I honestly don't care when I'm fixing a computer. I can simply say "your porn had viruses" and delete everything if it really bothers me. People are incredibly paranoid about viruses.

              Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:15:20 UTC from web
              1. @nerthos We try to do that. It just that this desktop was less winggrapess, and more "I'm going to be ill".

                Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:17:23 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                1. @eaglehooves Yeah. I have some of that. It's hilarious to load a couple pics in some friend's computer and wait for the reation when they found it.

                  Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:19:36 UTC from web
          2. @nerthos XD hahaha!

            Tuesday, 17-Apr-12 23:13:12 UTC from web