1. Good day everyone!

    Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 20:55:42 UTC from web
    1. @shinru Good day to you too, fine fellow! How are you on this fine day?

      Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 20:56:33 UTC from web
      1. @chengtai2 so far so good, I'm need to get another PSN card to download 3 new missions for Spec Ops in resident evil operation raccoon city.

        Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 20:58:52 UTC from web
        1. @shinru Cool! How is OP Raccoon City? I was debating whether or not to buy it.

          Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:00:10 UTC from web
          1. @chengtai2 Sorry to butt in but I heard Racoon city is meant to suck reviews and fan reaction have not been good at all

            Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:02:12 UTC from web
            1. @valiantratchet Awh shoot. The reviews are pretty bad. Darn, I'll have to wait until RE 6 comes out =(

              Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:04:25 UTC from web
              1. @chengtai2 I'd be careful about that too I have a feeling it will a have a boat load of pointless overpriced dlc

                Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:06:41 UTC from web
              2. @chengtai2 Then have pointless complete edition RE 5 gold edition etc

                Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:07:29 UTC from web
                1. @valiantratchet Yeah they do. I really like the series though. It's a good balance of action and storytelling. Plus, it feels so good to put another bullet into another zombie's brain.

                  Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 21:09:01 UTC from web
    2. @shinru hello!

      Wednesday, 18-Apr-12 20:58:18 UTC from web