1. WE MUST SELECT THE HOLDERS OF THE ELEMENTS OF RDN. I nominate myself as Loyalty.

    Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:45:28 UTC from web
    1. @dezzierose I nominate myself (doates) to be magic.

      Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:46:33 UTC from web
      1. @queenchrysalis You must have proof!

        Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:47:15 UTC from web
        1. @dezzierose A. My OC is a unicorn. B. I am pretty knowledge-able like twilight.

          Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:49:12 UTC from web
          1. @queenchrysalis oh, alrigh

            Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:50:39 UTC from web
          2. @queenchrysalis I'm Loyalty because 1.) that's my favorite song 2.) When RDN was about to shut down, I was one of the ones who refused to leave until the site was down. 3.) I never tell secrets 4.) Since the beginning of my bronydom I've kept a RD toy as my companion.

            Monday, 23-Apr-12 19:53:20 UTC from web