1. !vancouverbronies yo going to be a little late for the meet today... screw you taxes

    Saturday, 28-Apr-12 15:42:26 UTC from web
    1. !vancouverbronies yo, @echron1000 , let's play a few rounds of EDH again next week. bring 1 deck.

      Sunday, 29-Apr-12 21:49:28 UTC from web
      1. @mcbrony YOU GUYS PLAY EDH? I am so down to rock you guys with my slivers

        Monday, 30-Apr-12 05:08:19 UTC from web
        1. @tjdetweiler yeah man. i got my rafiq ready anytime lol wanna bring your slivers on saturday at the bamboo cafe?

          Monday, 30-Apr-12 21:29:26 UTC from web
      2. @mcbrony if I can find my cards yes

        Monday, 30-Apr-12 07:29:23 UTC from web
        1. @echron1000 @tjdetweiler if you guys are coming down at the meetup today, bring 1 EDH deck. i would like to play a few rounds :)

          Saturday, 05-May-12 17:40:09 UTC from web
      3. @mcbrony O never mind... I have them

        Monday, 30-Apr-12 07:30:51 UTC from web