1. @bowandlyre Always happy to make more friends! :)

    Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:44:25 UTC from web
    1. @blueskies *Fluttershy yay* What else do you enjoy besides ponies?

      Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:46:02 UTC from web
      1. @bowandlyre Well I play videogames ,I airsoft and hang with friends also watch anime! What about you?

        Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:49:22 UTC from web
        1. @blueskies I also play Video games, I Hang with my friends, I love the beach and browsing the internets for lols!

          Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:50:51 UTC from web
          1. @bowandlyre Cool! What games do you play?

            Tuesday, 01-May-12 02:54:18 UTC from web