1. Same, doing homework and have a party today!

    Saturday, 12-May-12 16:29:35 UTC from web
    1. @chezefromamerica looks like somepony is forgetting the reply button?

      Saturday, 12-May-12 16:31:35 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @renovatedkitchen no, i sent a reply, i said i was good too. and i have a party today!

        Saturday, 12-May-12 16:34:56 UTC from web
        1. @chezefromamerica oh. Nice! What kind of party?

          Saturday, 12-May-12 16:36:33 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @renovatedkitchen for my mothers birthday! ^w^

            Saturday, 12-May-12 16:39:12 UTC from web
            1. @chezefromamerica awesome! (guessing you're the mother the way you worded it). Kids doing anything special for ya?

              Saturday, 12-May-12 16:43:08 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              1. @renovatedkitchen itz actually my mothers party, but tommorow me, mi sister, and mi dad are taking her 2 c the avengers.

                Saturday, 12-May-12 16:46:31 UTC from web
                1. @chezefromamerica ah. Kk. that's awesome! Ive heard that Avengers was really well done actually.

                  Saturday, 12-May-12 16:49:07 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  1. @renovatedkitchen this will be my second time seeing it! it was awesome the first time!!

                    Saturday, 12-May-12 16:50:00 UTC from web
                    1. @chezefromamerica nice! I'm hoping to see it soon too. As long as the theatres up north (cottage) have it.

                      Saturday, 12-May-12 16:50:59 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                      1. @renovatedkitchen im sure they have it, itz the most popular movie of the month!

                        Saturday, 12-May-12 17:03:21 UTC from web
                        1. @chezefromamerica it's possible. But they are very very slow. I mean it's Canada. And then northern Canada for that matter.

                          Saturday, 12-May-12 17:45:46 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                          1. @renovatedkitchen i just hope you get the joy of seeing that amazing movie! itz worth every dollar to see it again and again /)^3^(\

                            Saturday, 12-May-12 17:57:21 UTC from web
                            1. @chezefromamerica it would be awesome! Can't wait! ^_^

                              Saturday, 12-May-12 18:19:39 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                    2. @chezefromamerica the first time i saw it with mi friendz. we think that hell boy and fantastic 4 will be in the next one and one other person. Morgan Freemon

                      Saturday, 12-May-12 16:52:29 UTC from web