1. Took a nap this afternoon. Ate tacos. Nother nap just now. Nother taco. Going to bed.

    Monday, 14-May-12 07:32:47 UTC from web
    1. @madykatt Goodnight ^_^ *hugs* Sleep well

      Monday, 14-May-12 07:34:13 UTC from web
    2. @madykatt Sleep well and sweet dreams

      Monday, 14-May-12 07:34:51 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    3. @madykatt night!

      Monday, 14-May-12 07:35:51 UTC from web
      1. @lyokotravels @noirbatch @flaredancer i'll sleep better if one (or more) of you join me ;)

        Monday, 14-May-12 07:36:29 UTC from web
        1. @madykatt I will soon since it's 12:37AM PST and i'm still have a lot to think about since I'm a bit sad now.

          Monday, 14-May-12 07:38:06 UTC from web
        2. @madykatt you ask not me? gasp!

          Monday, 14-May-12 07:38:52 UTC from web
          1. @crusader8 there is plenty of room in my bed ;)

            Monday, 14-May-12 07:40:07 UTC from web
            1. @madykatt alright, as long as you're not a dude or underage, I will lay a single hand on your bed and proclaim myself in the in, as it were. That is the sleep deprivation talking. I blame @renovatedkitchen but srsly I play no games

              Monday, 14-May-12 07:43:27 UTC from web
              1. @crusader8 weirdo :P

                Monday, 14-May-12 07:45:05 UTC from web
                1. @madykatt It's spelled, "awesome."

                  Monday, 14-May-12 07:47:53 UTC from web
              2. @crusader8 Lol. I just sent a reply. Feel bad for sending a short reply to the message you sent. Cant stress how much I LOVE the idea though!!!!

                Monday, 14-May-12 07:47:55 UTC from web
                1. @renovatedkitchen Yay, I can read and go to sleep finally.

                  Monday, 14-May-12 07:54:58 UTC from web
                  1. @crusader8 Lol. I really am very sorry for keeping you up. But I cant wait to see the first part of your writing if you allow me to!! ^_^

                    Monday, 14-May-12 07:57:35 UTC from web
        3. @madykatt Well I need to try and sleep too *Cuddles* ^_^

          Monday, 14-May-12 07:39:08 UTC from web
        4. @lyokotravels @noirbatch Slumber party at @maddykatt's! =^.^= <3

          Monday, 14-May-12 07:39:34 UTC from MuSTArDroid
        5. @madykatt @lyokotravels @flaredancer SLUMBER PARTY! :D

          Monday, 14-May-12 07:40:03 UTC from web
          1. @noirbatch @madykatt @flaredancer Brony Slumber PARTY :D

            Monday, 14-May-12 07:40:56 UTC from web