1. I did sum thinking..and i desided tht im breaking it off with her...i think its just an infactuation thtll pas with time..plis now octy is mine agin haha..but yeah..whqts up?

    Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:38:56 UTC from web
    1. @dudeinboots just thinkin about stuff

      Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:40:26 UTC from web
      1. @cupcakinator as am i am i

        Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:40:48 UTC from web
        1. @dudeinboots what's on your mind? any second thoughts about the relationship break off?

          Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:41:46 UTC from web
          1. @cupcakinator no im trin to think of a way so we can still b friends..wbu?

            Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:42:26 UTC from web
            1. @dudeinboots I've just told someone that before, but ya know, make it known that you mean it for real. However I'm friends with all my ex's but of course we don't talk like we used to. Anyway I've just had some old paranoia scratching at the back of my mind and wonder what I should do about it.

              Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:45:25 UTC from web
              1. @cupcakinator tqlkimg to her right tring to get her to meet me sum were..but shes bananased and wants to do it over the fone

                Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:47:05 UTC from web
                1. @dudeinboots oh, I think face to face is the best to, she's probably just trying to get out of it cause she's mad. (I know that's what you said pretty much)

                  Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:48:32 UTC from web
                  1. @cupcakinator eh, women

                    Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:49:41 UTC from web
                    1. @dudeinboots hehe yeah, pretty much people in my mind.

                      Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:51:50 UTC from web
    2. @dudeinboots I dont get it. Watching basketball.

      Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:40:40 UTC from MuSTArDroid
      1. @foxgopher see id rather have her as a friend for a life time then a girlfriend for a i got my beloved octy back haha

        Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:41:53 UTC from web
        1. @dudeinboots Good logic.

          Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:42:45 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    3. @dudeinboots lol, already XD ?

      Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:42:44 UTC from web
      1. @mushi eeyep

        Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:43:36 UTC from web
        1. @dudeinboots well, i was about to take 4 bro points from you. but i think you can keep them

          Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:44:56 UTC from web
          1. @mushi what made u let me keep em?

            Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:46:21 UTC from web
            1. @dudeinboots nothing ~

              Tuesday, 15-May-12 03:49:09 UTC from web