1. "Throughout the book #, !Chomsky discusses what the Occupy movement is and what it is demanding, as well as advocating # in which it could gain greater support and achieve governmental reforms, using historical examples as evidence" cc @question

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    1. In "After 30 years of class war": !Chomsky "contrasts it with the # movement, which he argues only represents the interests of a small # minority, being backed by the # support that Occupy rejects. He then draws comparisons between Occupy and the #, arguing that the latter had been far more successful in bringing down governments because it had the backing of #, all of which had been decimated by corporate power in the U.S., and calls for a renewed revival of the American labor movement" cc @question

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      1. "Proceeding to discuss the successes that popular # have had in influencing # decisions, he argues that the protests of the 1930s led to the formation of the New Deal, and that the protests against the Iraq War - although unable to stop the conflict - helped to moderate the use of weaponry used by U.S. troops." cc @question

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        1. "As such, !Chomsky advocates that communities take a different approach to the upcoming primary #; instead of simply listening to speeches given by the politicians hoping to be elected, they should get together in democratic # and # what issues they want addressing", "One way to go at it is just to elect YOUR # representatives. It's not impossible." cc @question

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          1. !Chomsky "noted a similar situation that occurred in a suburb of Boston in the early 21st century, when a multinational decided to # down a manufacturing facility because it was not producing sufficient # When the worker's trade # attempted to # the factory, the multinational #, for reasons that Chomsky speculated were due to # consciousness" cc @question

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