1. Well that was scary. My laptop shut off for no reason (its not only fully charged but plugged in as well) and when I went to turn it on I got electrocuted by the keyboard. o.o

    Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:44:18 UTC from web
    1. @cannibalcreed did you spill something on it

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:45:37 UTC from web
      1. @djhedgehog No I wasn't even using it at the time. I was responding to a message on my ipod and probably about 2 feet away.

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:46:32 UTC from web
        1. @cannibalcreed what possesed cpu

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:47:31 UTC from web
        2. @cannibalcreed lol... no seriously you might want to take it to a cpu fixing place it could be a major problem

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:49:50 UTC from web
        3. @cannibalcreed and i was trying to lighten up the situation sorry

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:51:17 UTC from web
          1. @djhedgehog Your good xD My computer IS possessed and very sensitive.

            Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:53:22 UTC from web
            1. @cannibalcreed yeah you should get that checked out

              Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:54:34 UTC from web
    2. @cannibalcreed Laptops sometimes have the main power flex just under the keyboard. If it's damaged, it makes perfect sense for the flex to shortcut with the keyboard, electrifying it and shutting down the computer.

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:48:47 UTC from web
      1. @nerthos see that never happened to me

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:50:51 UTC from web
        1. @djhedgehog It's possible though. I've messed around with portable computers a few times.

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:52:10 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos oh

            Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:53:51 UTC from web
      2. @nerthos Would static also make that happen, cause I DID pick up a blanket that was staticy. But I was still a good foot and a half to 2 feet away, and its working now (Im using it to type this message)

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:52:26 UTC from web
        1. @cannibalcreed A big enough static charge COULD do it, yes. Unlikely, but not impossible. I'd recommend cheking the wiring under the keyboard just in case though.

          Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:53:36 UTC from web
          1. @nerthos Id have to go get it looked at when I get paid. I dont trust myself to do that, nor do i know how cause these keys dont come out, and my laptop doesnt open easily

            Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:55:46 UTC from web
    3. @cannibalcreed maybe it was the today we fight back ad.

      Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:52:23 UTC from web
      1. @chris Well my computer is fighting back, thats for sure. xD

        Wednesday, 12-Feb-14 16:53:54 UTC from web