1. That was quick: "Ukraine’s breakaway region of # will ask # to # part of the land where they now live in exchange for new territory elsewhere in the region, a top Crimean government official (deputy prime minister Rustam Temirgaliyev) said"

    Wednesday, 19-Mar-14 07:22:36 UTC from
    1. "39-year old Crimean #, construction worker, who had been # (almost 2 weeks ago on Lenin Square in Simferopol) against Russian troops in the Black Sea peninsula has been found # on Sunday, days after he was seen being hauled away by men in military-style jackets", "posted worried # statuses about the situation of Crimean Tatars and the future of Crimea, in the weeks leading up to his disappearance.", "Tatars make up around #% of the population of the peninsula, which is majority ethnic Russian." cc @question

      Wednesday, 19-Mar-14 18:47:30 UTC from
      1. Has the ethical # begun or do you think now that the # is over and decided, the Western # turns its attention to presenting Crimea in the # possible light, focussing on (isolated?) events like that to make Crimea appear to be in great social turmoil and lawlessness? cc @question

        Wednesday, 19-Mar-14 19:05:18 UTC from