1. ongoing # experiment: testing # (law of large numbers): after 22 games, it seems as if the accumulated points over all # games tend to reach a # (47% vs 53%), but player pong had "better luck" in # the games: 68%

    Friday, 15-Aug-14 11:56:34 UTC from
    1. @erkanyilmaz 22 is far too small to be anywhere near "large" in the "law" of large numbers. Also, it's considered bad practice in statistics to quote percentages when the actual sample size is smaller than 100. so, keep going until you've seen some 500 games or so ;-)

      Friday, 15-Aug-14 13:14:24 UTC from
      1. right. the experiment is scheduled to go on # (at least until the wiki ceases to exist)

        Friday, 15-Aug-14 13:20:35 UTC from
        1. @erkanyilmaz you could plot how much the actual result deviates from the "ideal" of 50% (assuming to equally-strong players) against the number of games seen ;-) Think it all through and you'll understand why insurers use re-insurers...

          Friday, 15-Aug-14 13:24:05 UTC from
          1. sure, I'll add it as a todo. Currently skimming through # literature for more things to implement into the wiki

            Friday, 15-Aug-14 13:37:36 UTC from