1. @mrmattimation Your animating skills are pretty awesome. I love to see the gifs that you post and I'll be watching your progress. You've improved in the short time I've been here and it's so great to see.

    @nerthos I have a great amount of respect for you. Your live your life in a way that is so fascinating to me, and I appreciated the conversations we were able to have.

    @drunksword You have absolutely no filter but you know exactly who you are and that makes me happy. Hanging out with you is such a great experience and I wish you well with your marriage. You're really awesome and I don't regret knowing you.

    @scoot I'm still a fan. I'm fully planning on continuing to stalk your art. I appreciate how you hold yourself as well and wish I could have gotten to know you better.

    Saturday, 17-Jan-15 17:53:34 UTC from web
    1. @soren Oh, leaving? Well, I wish you good luck in whatever you'll be doing. It's been a good time. I'll hit you up on Skype now and then.

      Sunday, 18-Jan-15 01:17:47 UTC from web
    2. @soren Appreciate it

      Sunday, 18-Jan-15 02:45:03 UTC from web