1. ACK! Screwed up again TT_TT I am farely new to writing fanfics. As I grew I often wrote stories but never published them for any to see. I'm writing an original story its to become a comedy, romance, mostly random, but for now I just have an amnesiac stallion who is trying to find out who he is in ponyville. With the special ability to "Adapt" (inside joke/meaning) by absorbing books! Criticism is welcome, but please tell me if you enjoyed anything about it so my spirit isn't completely crushed TT_TT if there was anything to enjoy anyway lol! Well I look forward to seeing the works of this group! # # # # of life # universe #

    Tuesday, 31-Mar-15 02:11:46 UTC from web
    1. @tumult Another writer! Welcome! I will read your story some time this week, after battling homework.

      Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 13:15:43 UTC from web
      1. @caret7 Awesome xD Got a link to your fimfic? I'll be sure to return the favor

        Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 18:13:56 UTC from web
        1. @tumult Ahem... sorry for repeatedly revising this message. I am not an author, I am just happy that another one showed up :D. There has been only one since this group's creation.

          Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 20:01:05 UTC from web
          1. @caret7 Oh really? Well in any case I have no problems with you revising the message xD I revised mine quite a bit too. If you'd like to leave a critique please do. Though please be sure to mention the bad AND the good!

            Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 20:03:36 UTC from web
            1. @tumult Totally! I will definitely tell you the parts I like :)

              Wednesday, 01-Apr-15 21:44:57 UTC from web