1. Good Afternoon Everypony ^w^

    Thursday, 02-Apr-15 20:01:19 UTC from web
    1. @perishsong hello you!

      Thursday, 02-Apr-15 20:36:11 UTC from web
      1. @mushi Was Out Shopping! Hey c8

        Thursday, 02-Apr-15 22:45:26 UTC from web
        1. @perishsong shoping? got anything cool?

          Thursday, 02-Apr-15 22:58:29 UTC from web
          1. @mushi Some Game Stuff For The Wii U XwX.. WAY Too Many People Out Today!

            Friday, 03-Apr-15 00:44:46 UTC from web
            1. @perishsong oh, wiiu. got any cool game? I got a wiiu, but i only have MH3U and pikmin 3 in physical media, wind waker and child of light in digital media

              Friday, 03-Apr-15 00:57:23 UTC from web
              1. @mushi I Intend To Get Some Better Games. Got The Mario With Cats! I Want Wind Waker So BAD.

                Friday, 03-Apr-15 02:29:42 UTC from web
                1. @perishsong heh, i bought the wind waker bundle. But they didnt sell this version here, soi bought from a guy who had bought it in USA and got bored of it and was selling on the internet. It is real fun

                  Friday, 03-Apr-15 02:33:48 UTC from web