1. Getting added by bots on Steam. bananain creeped out by how they don't say a damn thing.

    Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 16:03:11 UTC from web
    1. @kingsfolly the bots are after me lucky charms

      Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 16:05:15 UTC from web
    2. @kingsfolly You don't have to accept their add, do you?

      Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 16:05:28 UTC from web
      1. @techdisk I do .3.

        Thursday, 09-Apr-15 19:02:27 UTC from web
        1. @kingsfolly I just sold all of my TF2 FrankerZ. My trading card empire will soon be complete.

          Thursday, 09-Apr-15 19:23:28 UTC from web
    3. @kingsfolly Same thing happening on LoL

      Wednesday, 08-Apr-15 16:06:53 UTC from web