1. I wish i was at Download with @purplephish20, some of my favorite bands playing there, so many of them!

    Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:55:27 UTC from web
    1. @cavatina Im sorry, especially considering most of these im watching, (everything on the main stage on sunday) i havent even listened to before, like black label society

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:57:18 UTC from web
      1. @purplephish20 why sorry? XD

        Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:59:05 UTC from web
        1. @cavatina Its just... ill feel guilty seeing bands you love, when im only a stranger to their music

          Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:00:28 UTC from web
          1. @purplephish20 X3 i cant complain as long as you come home with new tastes :3

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:01:00 UTC from web
    2. @cavatina Katy, what's your aim name so I can add you? :3

      Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:57:19 UTC from web
      1. @lyrica I dont...actually know. What is the screen name?

        Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:58:59 UTC from web
        1. @cavatina are you signed in? if so just send me a message on it :3

          Friday, 08-Jun-12 18:59:58 UTC from web
          1. @lyrica i did, said you cant recieve them

            Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:00:36 UTC from web
            1. @cavatina odd I'm on aim right now and everything, You can try sending to DmmcoolX then. that's my older account.

              Friday, 08-Jun-12 19:15:29 UTC from web