1. So how has everyone been?

    Monday, 22-Jun-15 16:22:10 UTC from web
    1. @jack It’s been a fantastic summer break. Programming and drawing almost every day :D. How about you?

      Monday, 22-Jun-15 16:33:48 UTC from web
      1. @caret7 Working, trying to get myself money to build up a computer from scratch. Other then that, I'm having a wonderful summer break.

        Monday, 22-Jun-15 16:34:41 UTC from web
        1. @jack :o I see. Well, good luck! The hardware side of computers has always been a mystery to me

          Monday, 22-Jun-15 16:58:20 UTC from web
          1. @caret7 Sorry I didn't respond till just now I had to do some runs for work, but I don't know that much inside a computer either, but I'm more then willing to learn.

            Monday, 22-Jun-15 18:57:43 UTC from web