1. Robek's Toys: Episode 1 via @YouTube

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    Sunday, 22-May-16 06:28:51 UTC from
    1. @rw 9/10 Needs more nostalgia.

      Sunday, 22-May-16 06:35:05 UTC from
      1. @hfaust stay tuned for next time when my toys literally kill themselves

        Sunday, 22-May-16 06:36:22 UTC from
        1. @rw Oh, it's like Toy Story. I'll wait for the next episode.

          Sunday, 22-May-16 06:37:20 UTC from
    2. @rw there's something oddly charming about them all being in the same pose

      Sunday, 22-May-16 20:56:24 UTC from
      1. @hakui i didn't even notice that. it's just how they were jammed in the box i guess

        Sunday, 22-May-16 22:15:45 UTC from
        1. @rw a harsh metaphor for the modern education system

          Sunday, 22-May-16 22:16:56 UTC from