1. Instead of flowers, I bought a plant for my table! !nature

    Sunday, 04-Sep-16 15:30:57 UTC from
    1. @mk that is a cool plant!

      Monday, 05-Sep-16 09:45:58 UTC from
      1. @sengi I thought so too, and I love how it looks on my table. It seems to be called "Juncus" but that looks like only a Genus name. I'll have to look that up when I have a bit more time.

        Tuesday, 06-Sep-16 18:27:46 UTC from
      2. @sengi @nstr it seems to be Corkscrew grass (Juncus effusus "Spiralis"), also known as corkscrew rush. I have found no photos (yet) but description here is pretty conclusive:

        Wednesday, 07-Sep-16 19:18:53 UTC from
        1. Actually, 'grass' is a misnomer, it's actually a rush (Dutch: Rus)

          Wednesday, 07-Sep-16 19:30:01 UTC from
        2. @mk It's so cool. I want one for my office. I bet it's a cool plant to touch...

          Thursday, 08-Sep-16 07:21:09 UTC from