1. controversial post:
    i don't see how loli isn't pedo. there's no way to justify it. you can say its a drawing but i mean its got some pretty child like features and that's what you're seeking out

    Friday, 07-Oct-16 14:52:04 UTC from
    1. @delores I agree with u

      Friday, 07-Oct-16 14:53:25 UTC from
    2. @delores this shouldn't be controversial but it will be....

      Friday, 07-Oct-16 14:57:22 UTC from
    3. @delores @takekiwiakenji I'd want to disagree, but in essence that's probably right. I would add the caveat that proper oppai loli would an exception, and that anime really needs to start varying its physical archetypes so that they can draw short girls that aren't physically the same as children.

      about 8 months ago from
      1. @guizzy @delores Changing the proportions of the hips and waist would be a good starting point.

        about 8 months ago from
    4. @delores @takepapayaakenji I'm also reminded of this story:

      The man, while free, is now forever known as the guy who watches what is only TECHNICALLY not CP.

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    5. @delores >content warnings

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      1. @delores CW: @roka

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        1. @takeFluffle Puffakenji @delores CV: benis

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    6. @delores I guess that might depend on if the person finds actual children sexually attractive or not. I don't know if that describes anyone real or if it's just a theoretical category.

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