1. Several years and six seasons later, you're still watching My Little Pony. Why? Is there a reason for dragging yourself through the dirt like this? You're still watching the same show, posting the same fetish threads on /mlp/, visiting the same stale websites, and fantasizing about the same technicolour horses tying you down and dominating you in ways only the most autistic Fimfiction writer could imagine. Absolutely nothing has changed for the better aside from grapes like The Living Tombstone leaving for FNAF, and browsing pony websites for the first time in years gives me the impression that every other user wants it all to end soon so they can die quietly.

    Sunday, 16-Oct-16 04:49:48 UTC from web
    1. @equestriagaming I haven't watched the show in like 3 years

      Sunday, 16-Oct-16 04:50:48 UTC from web