1. lol gais srsly don't search for images for !Thunderlane on Google. Not even on strict safesearch, unless, you know, you like "that stuff that most people don't like".

    Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:02:40 UTC from web
    1. @ecmc I just bought a thunderlane shirt at 3 this morning... He IS a handsome stallion...

      Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:04:02 UTC from web
      1. @purplephish20 This has become increasingly apparent to me as of late, mainly because I've been drawing him. I can't believe I didn't realise earlier how awesome he is.

        Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:07:30 UTC from web
        1. @ecmc Oh yeah.... he's now one of my favourite characters

          Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:08:20 UTC from web
    2. @ecmc Thunderlane brushie, do want.

      Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:06:29 UTC from web
      1. @scribble Thunderlane, do want

        Sunday, 08-Jul-12 22:07:12 UTC from web