1. Now announcing the Summer Banner contest! Like Summer? Like ponies? Like having an e-peen the size of Mt. Everest? Then this contest is one you should participate in! We need a Banner to reflect changing of the seasons! Rules: 1. Banner must have a summer theme. 2. Back ground can have object, but overall must be transparant. 3. Must be in PNG format. 4. Submissions MUST be made to [email protected] 4. Entries must be made before June 21. So get crackin'! #

    Sunday, 05-Jun-11 01:04:55 UTC from web
    1. @administrator Is having a Pony on it Required? 'Cause yeah.

      Sunday, 05-Jun-11 01:06:13 UTC from web
      1. @heartbeatnote It be nice if it did.

        Sunday, 05-Jun-11 01:14:48 UTC from web