1. Trying out the # Window Manager. So far the experience is great! Perhaps I should move to tiling WMs for a while. #

    Monday, 12-Dec-16 19:11:39 UTC from
    1. @kzimmermann > awesome

      Monday, 12-Dec-16 19:41:23 UTC from
      1. @tijagi any better tiling wms you recommend?

        Monday, 12-Dec-16 19:52:11 UTC from
        1. @kzimmermann

          Monday, 12-Dec-16 19:55:38 UTC from
    2. I tried it and it is nice however I cannot live with it. I need to move the windows around and all. I could try it though but you know, I like ye-normal desktop environments.

      Monday, 12-Dec-16 20:01:00 UTC from
    3. @kzimmermann Have a look at i3wm as well, I personally find it easier to configure to my preferences. #

      Monday, 12-Dec-16 20:33:22 UTC from