1. Ok I cannot vector this. Does anypony have a decent picture of pinkie or the CMC hopping?

    Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:29:51 UTC from web
    1. @foxgopher Who else read that as clopping?

      Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:30:22 UTC from web
    2. @foxgopher i ussually dont save shippy pics

      Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:32:34 UTC from web
      1. @mushi I dont need ship. I need them hopping. Like How Pinkie does when she runs. I can't get a good screen cap.

        Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:33:33 UTC from web
        1. @foxgopher cmc hopping? like on the final seconds of the perfect stallion?

          Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:34:26 UTC from web
          1. @mushi Nah they're skipping there. But maybe....

            Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:35:02 UTC from web
    3. @foxgopher I do not

      Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:34:37 UTC from web
      1. @lyrica Curses....

        Friday, 13-Jul-12 01:35:12 UTC from web

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