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    Wednesday, 22-Feb-17 20:32:35 UTC from
    1. @roka

      Wednesday, 22-Feb-17 20:38:07 UTC from
      1. @karasu

        Wednesday, 22-Feb-17 20:42:28 UTC from
        1. @roka @karasu She needs her hair loops removed

          Thursday, 23-Feb-17 01:47:15 UTC from
          1. @sumi @karasu she needs to be bullied more

            Thursday, 23-Feb-17 01:50:04 UTC from
            1. @roka @karasu

              Thursday, 23-Feb-17 01:51:49 UTC from
            2. @roka @karasu Satania is on her way back from gym class. Since you skipped class you are the only person in the classroom. What do you do to bully Satania?

              Thursday, 23-Feb-17 01:58:41 UTC from
              1. @sumi @roka Don't remember me that horrible thread

                Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:07:56 UTC from
              2. @sumi @roka Don't remind me that horrible thread

                Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:12:10 UTC from
                1. @karasu @roka That was a great thread

                  Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:26:57 UTC from
                  1. @sumi @karasu @roka

                    Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:28:15 UTC from
                    1. @chen @karasu @roka 1. Write a love letter to Satania. Compliment how evil she is and mention how scared but enamored you are by her. Tell her to meet you on the roof after school so you can officially become her servant.

                      Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:43:17 UTC from
                      1. @chen @karasu @roka 2. Leave a note on the roof thanking her for coming. With it is a black rose as an evil gift. The note directs her to the nurses office.

                        Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:44:07 UTC from
                        1. @chen @karasu @roka 3. In the nurses office leave a cursed demonic book with her name and yours written in blood. The contents are sutras that she will think are evil. Leave another note there telling her to go to the gym storage shed and mentioning how this is in preparation for you becoming her servant.

                          Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:45:12 UTC from
                          1. @chen @karasu @roka 4. In the storage shed dress up some gym equipment into an evil throne from which you and her will romantically rule the world. Leave another note saying you should toast your evil union that sends her to buy melon bread and black coffee. Afterwards she is to go to the classroom

                            Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:46:54 UTC from
                            1. @chen @karasu @roka 5. In the classroom cover all the windows and leave candles lit throughout the room. Write on the chalkboard "the ritual is almost complete" and leave a message sending her to her shoe locker

                              Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:47:51 UTC from
                              1. @chen @karasu @roka 666. At her shoe locker put a sticker that says "open me" on the outside. When she opens it, the dog jumps out and steals the melon bread. Inside the locker is another note that reads,
                                "Did you seriously think I loved you or wanted to be your servant? Youre so pathetic, Satania. Not even a dog would love you or want to serve you, baka"
                                Once she drops the coffee in shock and falls to her knees, you come out and write "BAKA" across her face in permanent marker. You open the coffee and pour it on her head.

                                Epilogue: From that day onward her hair was black.

                                Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:49:22 UTC from
                                1. @sumi @chen @karasu amazing

                                  Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:51:25 UTC from
                                2. @sumi @karasu @roka You are one sick bully.

                                  Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:52:20 UTC from
                                  1. @chen @karasu @roka Not as much as the torture posters

                                    Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:58:49 UTC from
              3. @sumi @karasu oya oya, i'm not good at bullying myself. just see my "success" with nurgledsatorin ;_;

                Thursday, 23-Feb-17 02:12:57 UTC from