1. Found this awesome 6 channel audio switcher that fits very nicely on my desk, now the only question is what to do with it

    Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:30:50 UTC from web
    1. @macpony55 switch 6 channels of audio

      Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:31:21 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
      1. @renovatedkitchen For what purpose?

        Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:32:42 UTC from web
        1. @macpony55 why not

          Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:33:56 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
          1. @renovatedkitchen Well it would be nice if I actually had a need to switch 6 different channels

            Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:36:33 UTC from web
            1. @macpony55 #

              Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:37:05 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
              1. @renovatedkitchen Actually I'm currently using it to organize my computer cables and create a surface to organize all my small electronic devices

                Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:38:49 UTC from web
                1. @macpony55 and how's that working out

                  Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:39:37 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
                  1. @renovatedkitchen Very nicely, my desk is more organized than ever, and I would love to add actual functionality to this lovely piece of technology

                    Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:40:48 UTC from web
    2. @macpony55 what does it do?

      Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:31:57 UTC from web
      1. @techdisk42 I can either choose between 6 different inputs to a single output or a single input to 6 different outputs, and why is because I have one and it works really well on my desk

        Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:34:58 UTC from web
    3. @macpony55 or... why would you need one. thats a better question.

      Sunday, 22-Jul-12 03:32:27 UTC from web