1. @zemichi @dtluna 
    uhh have you seen the state of video games and journalism?

    Saturday, 18-Mar-17 04:17:42 UTC from
    1. @delores @zemichi @dtluna It got derailed by FrankerZs and ecelebs.

      All it "won" was giving carte blanche to equally banana sites who made a token promise to be ethical.

      Saturday, 18-Mar-17 04:21:16 UTC from
      1. @cyberpotato @zemichi @dtluna and now they're hopping on grape like the trump train so they can pretend they won. truly low energy. even kotaku is still up! so sad!

        Saturday, 18-Mar-17 04:22:29 UTC from
    2. What about it? Turning the NY Times or Kotaku into something other than instant ass-wipe is not on the agenda. You don't ask an abused GF to fix her boyf, you ask her to revise her opinion of him down and dump him. # @delores @zemichi @dtluna

      Saturday, 18-Mar-17 05:39:24 UTC from
      1. @somercet @delores @zemichi @dtluna Problem is the new boyfriend she got isn't really any better than the previous one, he just swears blind he's nothing like the last dude and everybody around him won't allow a word against him.

        Saturday, 18-Mar-17 05:41:57 UTC from