1. Hello RDN! What's going on on this nice day?

    Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:47:38 UTC from web
    1. @ponytopia Insomnia, anxiety, the usual.

      Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:48:54 UTC from web
      1. @alptraummond Aww. *hugs* Sleep is overrated, and why anexious?

        Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:52:37 UTC from web
        1. @ponytopia It's been sort of a common problem for the last few days. I'm going to be writing my senior thesis for college in the spring. However, I'm doing research now so that it'll be easier to write it in the spring. But, I just keep getting the feeling that I'm not going to be able to pull all my research together. But it's probably a stupid thing to worry about right now, since I always do well on what I put my mind to.

          Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:56:48 UTC from web
          1. @alptraummond See you gave yourself already the answer. And it will all be forgotten once you get the reward. You can do it!

            Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:58:06 UTC from web
            1. @ponytopia Thanks. It's good to know that I have others that believe in me. I know that I have trouble believing in myself so often.

              Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:58:50 UTC from web
              1. @alptraummond Not only you, this is a common problem for all of us. If I tell you how often I think the work I have done is going to get shunned because it is just not sufficient. But in the end it usually works out okay. Worries just make it harder on yourself :)

                Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:00:55 UTC from web
                1. @ponytopia You're right. I just need to not let them get in my way. :3

                  Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:03:36 UTC from web
                  1. @alptraummond That's the spirit! *offers hugs and cookies*

                    Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:05:13 UTC from web
                    1. @ponytopia *accepts the huggles and delicious cookies* :3

                      Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:05:39 UTC from web
                      1. @alptraummond Yay Huggles and Cookie time!

                        Saturday, 04-Aug-12 12:10:36 UTC from web
    2. @greydragon412 Meh, cleaning up my appartment. Family want's to drop by.

      Saturday, 04-Aug-12 11:53:28 UTC from web