1. Now have a Gilda blind bag, Wonderbolt blind bag, Zecora toy, and white Celestia toy. I feel awesome.

    Monday, 13-Aug-12 03:58:05 UTC from web
    1. @highray They have a Gilda blind bag?

      Monday, 13-Aug-12 03:58:47 UTC from web
      1. @anarchycarcino Kinda. It was the Cloudsdale blind bag set that included Rainbow Dash, Gilda, and a Wonderbolt.

        Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 04:45:43 UTC from web
        1. @highray Pictures?

          Tuesday, 14-Aug-12 04:50:58 UTC from StatusNet Android
    2. @highray Awwwww yeaaa!

      Monday, 13-Aug-12 03:59:12 UTC from web