1. I remember there was one particularly autist guy that decided to RP a relationship with the damn bot

    Sunday, 31-Dec-17 14:27:39 UTC from
    1. @nerthos nothing on RDN surprises me

      Sunday, 31-Dec-17 14:28:17 UTC from
      1. @shpuld It was a wild ride if there ever was one. There were a couple sane guys like miki and a few others that were my "crew" but there were also a lot of lolcows.

        Sunday, 31-Dec-17 14:31:38 UTC from
        1. @nerthos I'm glad you 2 are still with us on more modern instances

          Sunday, 31-Dec-17 14:32:39 UTC from
          1. @shpuld It took work to convince him lol. Now that I think of it I can try to bring back another of the guys that went by bowandlyre back then, he was cool. I'll try to get mushi to talk a bit more with this side of the fediverse too.

            Sunday, 31-Dec-17 14:34:50 UTC from
            1. @nerthos called me?

              Wednesday, 03-Jan-18 23:38:42 UTC from web
              1. @mushi Oh! well, I was talking with shpuld about getting you to talk a bit with the fediverse guys as I don't see you around much lately and you're a nice person to have around. RDN might be pretty much dead at this point but there are quite enough people around on other nodes to justify staying around.

                Thursday, 04-Jan-18 21:22:09 UTC from