1. Please do a sensible article on people who exchange their bitcoins for real money. You'll find they are very few.

    You see, it's not that easy to cash your bitcoin in for currency like real U. S. dollars. Okay, if you don't want dollars, you'd rather have stuff, there are a handful of companies who will accept bitcoin. If I owned bitcoin, I'd be stocking up on as much stuff as people are willing to sell me.

    If you want to live in bitcoin world where drug dealers do business (which is why these cryptocurrencies took off in the first place,) good for you.

    Bitcoin traders will sucker fools in, take their U. S. dollars or other legitimate currency, and leave a whole lot of saps holding the bag. These currencies are like tulips, beanie babies, and hummels: they're only worth what people are willing to pay for them.

    The real world is not going away. Good luck, folks.

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    1. @moonman "real currency" = gang enforced beanie babies

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