1. Guys over at LoadAverage are doing some pretty decent performance tooling some of which will probably find its way into !postActiv, fwiw.  #

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    1. @maiyannah In the end I don't think I succeeded in my attempts at optimising the SELECT at lib/inboxnoticestream.php.
      But on !loadaverage another thing actually did get a good result: the Compressed raw format on the "notice" table.
      Seems counter-intuitive that compression improves performance but, on the other hand, that makes the amount of data simultaneously in RAM a lot larger, so here we are.

      about 8 days ago from
      1. @xrevan86 This is why Ive been procrastinating with mysql optimizations, its such sweet sorrow xP

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        1. @maiyannah I can definitively say it's the slowest of them all excluding the search query though ;-).

          about 8 days ago from
          1. @maiyannah Turns out search queries are fixable: fulltext indices are supported in InnoDB with MariaDB 10.0+, and I've enabled it on just now.

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