1. Got these two cables to replace the wire of my headphones. Silicone coating instead of rubber, high quality. The black one is much nicer looking, but has 4 wires so it can only support the headphones. The orange one has five so it can support stereo headphones and a microphone, but is heavier and was used in an industrial welding area so it's not super pretty. I could try to use the common wire for both mic and speakers but I don't have a composite jack port on the computer and I'm not sure if it works with two separate jacks.

    The connectors are compatible between both so that's not an issue, they'd connect to the same port.

    Anyone experienced in audio hardware around?

    about a year ago from web
    1. @nerthos Basically my question is, will this configuration work or do I need to lay two separate ground circuits for it?

      I simplified the L/R wiring, I know that it wouldn't work without the extra bridge between speakers, but it's not important to this question.

      about a year ago from web