1. Boy I haven't been here in a while. How's everyone doing? I have a question to ask you all. At the beginning of s3e1, Celestia talks about Twilight "getting one step closer" and "realizing her true destiny." The general s3 commercial also speaks of this. I also found it interesting that when Celestia and Luna send Twilight off, their cutie marks are in the background on the same stylistic level, as if giving them equal importance. Does anyone think that S3 is going to be the last season? Or that Twilight will somehow succeed Celestia and Luna? Thoughts in general?

    Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:05:07 UTC from web
    1. @sebastian1314 Im doing good and have kinda realized that myself

      Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:05:40 UTC from web
      1. @electroidfire Good to hear! =D

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:07:42 UTC from web
        1. @sebastian1314 :3

          Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:08:02 UTC from web
    2. @sebastian1314 Well Nyvpbea Gjvyvtug vf pnaba naq jr nyernql xabj guvf vf gur ynfg frnfba, fb...

      Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:06:24 UTC from web
      1. @abigpony WUT. Was that in Season3 E1-2? I haven't seen those episodes yet really, just the beginning. Please do tell more if you have any info or sources.

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:07:27 UTC from web
        1. @sebastian1314 No, but there'a already promotion depicting alicorn Twilight. We already know they're ending this season halfway through when they achieve syndication, showing that it will at least be discontinued for now.

          Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:09:16 UTC from web
          1. @abigpony Ohh that sucks... So after Season 3's done..? Does anyone even know?

            Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:11:49 UTC from web
            1. @sebastian1314 As far as we know, permanent hiatus. I know alot of the VAs have already moved on to other stuff so it's not anywhere in the near future.

              Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:12:35 UTC from web
              1. @abigpony That sucks .

                Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:12:55 UTC from web
                1. @sebastian1314 OHP, you can see the white emblazoned Twilight cutie mark on purple BG in the middle of 0:19 if you look real close... Damn...

                  Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:17:37 UTC from web
      2. @abigpony Ohhhh are you talking about this? [POSSIBLE SPOILERS, SUBJECTIVE]

        Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:08:53 UTC from web
        1. @sebastian1314 Yeah, and there's been a few more spottings including plushies and stuff like such.

          Monday, 12-Nov-12 02:11:55 UTC from web