1. What the zoobidey flip-flop-bop did you just say about me, you flippidy zoob woobity? I'll have you know I zooped and flooped to the top of my class in the zobbler wobbler, and I've rop-wop-flopped in numerous shoobidy doobidies on floppity pudding, and I have over 300 shibbidy bops. I am trained in flap-floppities and I'm the top doober in the entire shibbidy. You are nothing to zoobidy-me but just another zoobidy. I will zoop you the blop out with precision the likes of which has never been seen before on this floobidy Earth, mark my flibbidy flop. You think you can flop away with zoobing that doobie-woobie to me over the Interzoobies? Think again, flap-flopper. As we speak I am zipping my blopping bloop of flobbidies across the boopidy and your floopidy is being flopped right now so you better poopidy for the big zoobidy flop party, son. You're jeeber zeebered, son.

    Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:52:04 UTC from web
    1. @abigpony Zippidy.

      Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:52:39 UTC from web
      1. @cabal Oh hey a Cabal

        Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:53:00 UTC from web
    2. @abigpony go home big pony. Your drunk.

      Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:52:45 UTC from web
      1. @techdisk No way. Straightedge revenge

        Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:54:23 UTC from web
        1. @abigpony Dangers.

          Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:54:47 UTC from web
        2. @abigpony you. Drunk. Home. Now.

          Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:56:11 UTC from web
          1. @techdisk Drug free is the way for me

            Thursday, 15-Nov-12 01:57:50 UTC from web
    3. @abigpony I see your zoop-floop-flop shibbidy and raise you a zoodiby.

      Monday, 19-Nov-12 04:10:44 UTC from web