1. Does anypony know if somepony has made an unofficial insert song CD image for season 1? I'm considering embarking on such an endeavor, but wouldn't want to duplicate anypony else's hard work.

    Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:35:52 UTC from web
    1. @sonicrainbro "insert song CD image"?

      Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:37:02 UTC from web
      1. @starshine Sorry, I'm used to anime nomenclature. An "insert song" is a song put into an episode for its own sake (IOW, the songs in a show other than the theme song(s)). "CD Image" as in an ISO that can be burned to make an audio CD.

        Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:39:22 UTC from web
        1. @sonicrainbro lol anime

          Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:40:35 UTC from StatusNet iPhone
        2. @sonicrainbro so, are you looking for the soundtrack, or some cover art, or...? Sorry, I guess I'm kind of dense today.

          Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:41:48 UTC from web
          1. @starshine Yes, I'm considering making an unofficial soundtrack CD for the fan community, since the current licensing agreements with the performers do not permit Hasbro to publish one without re-recording all the songs.

            Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:43:44 UTC from web
            1. @sonicrainbro

              Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:45:18 UTC from web
              1. @starshine Thanks! I hadn't started browsing EqD regularly until recently so I missed that post. :)

                Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 16:46:10 UTC from web
            2. @sonicrainbro I'd love a CD, please keep me informed.

              Wednesday, 29-Jun-11 17:04:17 UTC from web