1. So, last week I bought a car, and I already had to get the rear windscreen replaced: after a 2 hour drive it just snapped just as I got back at my place (which I still don't consider home). Then sorting out car insurance in the UK..... I never expected having a PhD would not be sufficient to understand the logics and reasonings behind getting an insurance sorted. Anyway, it only took a week and a masive phone bill to have it sorted. And the day before yesterday I went to the Netherlands to visit family and friends for the holidays. By the time I went through reservations at the port of Dover Chris Rea was singing his Driving Home for Christmas...

    Monday, 24-Dec-12 23:30:33 UTC from web
    1. @yorkiebrony hm.... merry christmas!

      Monday, 24-Dec-12 23:31:37 UTC from web