1. @neurario

    Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:33:06 UTC from web
    1. @cavatina Whats your steam?

      Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:34:23 UTC from web
      1. @archon my name on steam right now is DJtized

        Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:35:40 UTC from web
        1. @cavatina Thanks :D

          Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:36:12 UTC from web
    2. @cavatina Are you running 64-bit?

      Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:36:22 UTC from Choqok
      1. @neurario Ubuntu? Yes. Why do I get a feeling that was a big mistake on my part even though I knew that the memory limit is a Windows thing only.

        Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:37:47 UTC from web
        1. @cavatina It probably isn't your fault. The LWJGL libraries that Minecraft comes with are... old, to say the least. Try following this and see if that improves the Minecraft situation.

          Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:40:13 UTC from Choqok
          1. @neurario I will do, though I think I've already done the update. <3

            Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:40:45 UTC from web
            1. @cavatina Awesome! Hope it helps. ^_^

              Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:41:53 UTC from Choqok
              1. @neurario Honestly contemplating re-installing Ubuntu on here clean and doing it as 32bit. I'm running a direct-upgrade version of 12.10, and I wonder if that might be the issue. Reason I dont use 12.04 is I actually like the amazon support and other things :<

                Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:43:46 UTC from web
                1. @cavatina ahh :o Yeah, if you can't figure it out then it's probably worth going 32-bit, at least for a while, I do believe the 64-bit stuff is still improving, but it's definitely more of an issue on Linux than it was Windows... I can't play Feed The Beast with its launcher because the LWJGL files always make the game crash on startup because amd64 is an unsupported architecture, so, I sympatheise x3

                  Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:46:40 UTC from Choqok
                  1. @neurario Ah~ so basically I should seriously stop applying Windows logic to Linux. xD

                    Sunday, 10-Feb-13 12:50:42 UTC from web