1. I ought to stay up til off-peak kicks in to start uploading my video... but I sorta don't want to...

    Monday, 11-Feb-13 11:58:01 UTC from Choqok
    1. @neurario How come? :3 *lick*

      Monday, 11-Feb-13 11:58:36 UTC from web
      1. @cavatina *lllllicks back~* It's only 11PM right now, off-peak internet usage kicks in at 1AM ><

        Monday, 11-Feb-13 11:59:38 UTC from Choqok
        1. @neurario Ah, it a minecraft video, noonoo?

          Monday, 11-Feb-13 12:00:01 UTC from web
          1. @cavatina mhm~ I really need to get other games going :3

            Monday, 11-Feb-13 12:02:01 UTC from Choqok