1. @jecksy hello jecksy just wanted to introduce myself, my names cloud flare I'm a Fargo brony to. I live in north Fargo right off the Fargo dome.

    Monday, 18-Feb-13 22:11:38 UTC from web
    1. @cloudflare omg I'm so sorry! I never seen your message until today. Hiya! hehe I'm from West Fargo.^^ Are you in the facebook group?

      Friday, 02-Aug-13 01:20:07 UTC from web
      1. @jecksy hey, now its me not replying. Just wanted to let you and the rest of the group know I joined the army. I just got out of basic and I'm on my way to learn how to defuse being bombs.

        Friday, 20-Sep-13 16:24:41 UTC from web
      2. @jecksy hey sorry for not replying sooner. Sadly I'm not in Fargo anymore I joined the army and just got out of basic. I live in Virginia now but I will be around Fargo again Christmas time.

        Friday, 20-Sep-13 16:26:58 UTC from web
        1. @cloudflare haha that's fine. Grats on the army thing! Hope you're enjoying yourself and it's not too brutal! :3 I'm sad I missed you while you were here! Good luck tho sir!

          Sunday, 22-Sep-13 02:40:20 UTC from web