1. I'm going to the midnight showing for Harry Potter at Crossroads cinemas. Any !raleighbronies attending?

    Thursday, 14-Jul-11 04:46:47 UTC from web
    1. @nekoneko918 Any tickets left?

      Thursday, 14-Jul-11 05:32:56 UTC from web
      1. @luridchronomancer I think so... most theaters show the movie on all their screens, so it's possible. Best check fandango. *hmmhmhm* Okay, at this theater, all the midnight showings are sold out :( the 2:50 ones are still open, if you wanna stay up late.

        Thursday, 14-Jul-11 15:37:48 UTC from web
    2. @nekoneko918 Would totally go, but I'm sure tickets have been sold out for ages and ages and ages and ages...

      Thursday, 14-Jul-11 06:14:18 UTC from web
    3. @nekoneko918 Not I, I still have not seen a single potter movie all the way through....well, not counting "Wizard People". Tho I'm on vacation next week so perhaps I'll have a Potterthon.

      Thursday, 14-Jul-11 21:30:03 UTC from web
      1. @clydesdale We would like to ask anyone who is attending our first official meetup on September 17th to donate some money towards the cost of the rental space if at all possible. Anything that you can give to help soften the blow of renting out a $200 space to host the event will be much appreciated!

        Tuesday, 13-Sep-11 00:23:58 UTC from web