1. hello, sorry I don't really know how to use this site. But I would like to attend the Ohio meet up if I can

    Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:52:40 UTC from web
    1. @thelonebrony Welcome to rdn!

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:53:02 UTC from web
    2. @thelonebrony Hello fellow ohiobrony!!! Welcome!!!! !hugs

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:53:14 UTC from web
    3. @thelonebrony Hello. Muffins! C:

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:53:28 UTC from web
    4. @thelonebrony Ohai!

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 01:54:14 UTC from web
    5. @thelonebrony You're doing it right so far. If you want to message a group, just write its name in your post with an exclamation point in front, like !ohiobronies... click the arrow button by a post to reply to it and set a conversation link... that's about it really! See you at the meetup if you're there :)

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 02:00:19 UTC from web
      1. @starshine alrighty, thanks

        Friday, 15-Jul-11 02:07:48 UTC from web