1. Its with great grief that i inform to you all that Facebook has considered the Bronies Community at Facebook as a SPAM page, deleting it and all about its related admins incluing personal accounts. It asks for Goverment-ID papers to restore personal accounts but no word about pages. A temporary page has been setup in here: , this will not destroy my determination to restore the old page back. The contest is ongoing for those who want to participate on it for the PMV about Luna/NighmareMoon. Its been a bad week to me, lots of trollers on the page, i havent finished some work for EO, and i have lots of stress because of work and some abandoned pets o adopted here. Greets. !BroniesForever

    Friday, 15-Jul-11 19:41:50 UTC from web
    1. @bronies oh that sucks.

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 19:44:24 UTC from MuSTArDroid
    2. @bronies That sucks! I like the Bronies page as well.

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 19:44:26 UTC from web
    3. @bronies dang, that sucks.

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 19:45:19 UTC from web
    4. @bronies If any page should be done for spam it should be the schmuk who is gonna call his son Megatron, the dude posts every five minutes and hit's about ten other pages

      Friday, 15-Jul-11 19:46:05 UTC from web