1. !midwestbronies I still manage to live at least 4 hours away from the nearest meetups.

    Saturday, 16-Jul-11 20:23:51 UTC from web
    1. @adrianbrony where are you?

      Saturday, 16-Jul-11 21:17:02 UTC from web
    2. @adrianbrony wait, you're in Council Bluffs! join !nebronies! afterall, CB is really just East Omaha, amirite? you, me and Shelltoons can all get together some day. I'll bring my Sister and all our other brony friends!

      Saturday, 16-Jul-11 21:18:19 UTC from web
      1. @nightwillow sure. sounds awesome. I'll join the group. Heh, well, that IS assuming the river doesn't turn west Broadway into a lake...

        Saturday, 16-Jul-11 22:15:04 UTC from web