1. I am not racist or countryist. I may love my country of the good ol' US of A, but that doesn't mean I hate your country if you are from a foreign country.

    Monday, 20-May-13 17:57:18 UTC from web
    1. @shadowbrony928 well said!

      Monday, 20-May-13 19:02:48 UTC from web
      1. @kaine2905 Agreed

        Tuesday, 21-May-13 13:24:55 UTC from web
        1. @shadowbrony928 good show :3

          Tuesday, 21-May-13 16:59:56 UTC from web
          1. @kaine2905 Indeed.

            Tuesday, 21-May-13 17:35:47 UTC from web
            1. @shadowbrony928 these are happy days because i finally found a forum where hate is a myth :D

              Tuesday, 21-May-13 19:49:39 UTC from web
              1. @kaine2905 Wait, I thought this was MLP, and now it's Happy Days? Or is it some sort of mix? know, thinking's overrated anyway

                Wednesday, 22-May-13 13:02:33 UTC from web
          2. @kaine2905 Indeed.

            Tuesday, 28-May-13 12:56:09 UTC from web