1. !neobronies We are the new bronies!

    Friday, 29-Jul-11 15:39:02 UTC from web
    1. @presentperfect Thanks for joining Neobronies. :3

      Saturday, 30-Jul-11 17:34:46 UTC from web
      1. @theexoticism Thanks! Which reminds me, I was in the parking lot of the Stow Giant Eagle yesterday and saw a car with the license plate 'A FILLY'. Was very confused. !neobronies

        Saturday, 30-Jul-11 18:13:31 UTC from web
        1. @presentperfect Haha, wow. I wonder if it was on purpose? So are you from Stow then?

          Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:13:55 UTC from web
          1. @theexoticism Kent, actually.

            Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:14:30 UTC from web
            1. @presentperfect Oh, I see. I'm from Akron myself. You aren't /too/ far away from me, than.

              Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:18:17 UTC from web
              1. @theexoticism Nope! :)

                Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:19:59 UTC from web
                1. @presentperfect So how are you this fine day? c:

                  Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:28:00 UTC from web
                  1. @theexoticism Tired from reviewing fanfics all day.

                    Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:38:05 UTC from web
                    1. @presentperfect I'm tired as well, ahah. I feel your pain. My neck and eyes are sore from sitting at the computer for hours working on some pony art for a contest.

                      Saturday, 30-Jul-11 19:39:53 UTC from web